Professional CV Writing Services

Professional CV Writing Services

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You want a (new) job or are looking for the next step in your career. There are many reasons why people engage the services of a professional CV writer. Here are few:

  • I want a better position and a better life for myself and my loved ones
  • I don’t have time to write my CV, resume or LinkedIn profile
  • I really don’t like writing my own curriculum vitae
  • I haven’t applied for jobs in a long time and need a curriculum vitae write to help me create a strong CV
  • It is time for a career change and my CV, resume and/or LinkedIn profile need(s) a makeover
  • I haven’t touched my CV/resume?LinkedIn profile for years and need a curriculum vitae maker to improve my presentation
  • I want my CV to get noticed and stand out from the crowd

Do you recognize one or more of these reasons? This is where we come in. To help you reach your goal. What you need is a CV that works for you and/or a LinkedIn profile that gets attention.
What sets us apart is that we begin by listening to you and talking with you. No matter where in the world you are located, if you have an internet connection and can use Zoom or a phone, we can talk. Let’s explain our professional CV writing services to you. Below you can review the process and learn how our cv writing service works.

These are the steps that together form the process of our CV writing service:

Select and purchase the service you need

To select the service that best fits your needs, determine your career level and order the appropriate service. There are three career levels from which to choose: entry-level (0-3 years work experience), mid-career level (4-7 years), and senior career level (8 or more years).

Schedule your appointment for the initial consultation

After it is confirmed, you will be contacted on the date and time that you scheduled. In order to write the best possible resume for you, it is important for me to understand your values, professional history, accomplishments, and career goals. Our first meeting (via Zoom or telephone) will last approximately one hour to one and a half hours.

Send your existing resume

Send your existing resume or curriculum vitae and other relevant documents to rob AT Your existing resume or CV will be used as a guideline, providing the stepping stones that we will examine together during the initial consultation session.

Complete the initial consultation

Complete the initial consultation with Rob van Zoelen on the scheduled date. During this meeting, we will together explore your work history, accomplishments, and career goals. We will examine the facts and qualities that make you unique and unearth relevant information that may be used during the writing process for your new curriculum vitae or resume.

Receive the first draft of your new CV or resume

Using the input and information you provided during the online or telephone session, Rob will craft an initial draft of your new CV or resume for you to review. As soon as it is ready, it will be sent to your email address. Usually, this will happen two to three business days after your interview with Rob.

Discuss your comments and feedback

Through email, phone or Zoom, you and Rob will discuss your feedback on the draft and possible items for revision. After processing the revisions, he will send you the revised draft of your resume.

Receive your new, complete CV or resume

When all the revisions are complete and you are satisfied with your new CV or resume, you will receive your final version by email in three formats via email. (Word, PDF and ASCII). And that completes the description of our cv writing service.

If you are ready to order now, please click on the appropriate link below:

If you have less than 4 years work experience, your investment will be Eur 235,00 all-in Click this link to order now
If you have between 4 and 8 years work experience, your investment will be Eur 310,00 all-in Click this link to order now
If you have 8 or more years work experience, your investment will be Eur 415,00 all-in Click this link to order now

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