Hire a resume writer

Hire a resume writer

Great to see you visit this page, most likely you want to move forward and hire a resume writer or hire a curriculum vitae writer. On this page, I want to share some information with you about what to look for in a curriculum vitae professional so you can make sure that your investment in professional cv writing services is not only safe but will also yield ROI.

Believe it or not, in 2020 and 2021 many people started a business as curriculum vitae writers or resume writers. The COVID-19 pandemic was a big driving force behind that surge. That means, that you have more choices than ever before. And as in any industry, you will find excellent resume writers and mediocre ones, to put it mildly. Some have hardly any experience in resume writing and will make a nice, good-looking cv design for you. Others have decent writing skills, but lack knowledge about industries and/or jobs that exist in (many) organizations. Then there are the cheeky ones that are hungry to make sales and will tell you….that they have crafted hundreds if not thousands of CVs and résumés for hundreds of job titles and positions up to C-level that all passed the ATSs (Applicant Tracking Systems). Mind you, some of these service providers started their cv writing services less than six months ago. And then there are resume writers without any background in HR and/or recruitment. Fortunately, there are many excellent resume writers and curriculum vitae writers out there. It is no secret that about 80% of people experience roadblocks in writing a resume or CV. So, if that’s the case, you’re in good company.

Now that you’re about to make a decision and hire a resume writer, please allow me to give you a few tips on what to look for: Ask yourself the following questions: does the curriculum vitae writer or resume writer have a solid track record? Does he or she have knowledge about industries, careers, jobs, and tasks that go with specific roles? Does your resume writer know how ATSs work and how to work with keywords that are important for your position(s)? Does your curriculum vitae writer actually talk with you before hitting the keyboard to start writing your CV or résumé? Is it possible to schedule a brief meeting upfront with the resume writer you selected before making a final decision? Be sure to check out testimonials (not having testimonials is a red flag!) because they will tell you how other people experienced the services of the curriculum vitae writer you selected.

Next, review the resume writer’s professional background. If there is a background and experience in recruitment, HR, and career counseling, that is a good sign. Check out how long your resume writer is in business, how many years has your resume writer been writing resumes, that is also an indication of what he or she can deliver. Don’t go for a newbie because you like the pricing, the sweet spot to hit is 5 years of experience and up. Obviously, your resume writer should have excellent writing skills to present what you have to offer to prospective employers in an attractive manner. (My personal opinion is that you can’t be a curriculum vitae writer or resume writer if you do not talk with your clients, typically, my first session with a new client lasts 1.5 hours and I usually schedule 3 sessions with my clients). Check if your resume writer is familiar with your industry, and your position. Ask WHO will write your CV or résumé, is the person you selected doing that himself/herself or is the writing process outsourced? Make sure that the curriculum vitae professional you talk to is the same person that writes your CV.

Next, verify that there is a proper process in place that allows for feedback and revisions. Ask your resume writer how much time he or she needs to deliver the final version of your new CV or résumé. And then, also important, check out pricing. Remember, investing in a new CV or resume is an investment in yourself. It may be tempting to select the cheapest option, but that is not always a wise choice. Go for quality. Yes, it will be more expensive than you thought. In the USA, top cv writers will charge $500 to $2,000 for a professionally written (C-level) resume or CV. It depends on the offer and what’s included in the service. Here at Quality Resume Services, we charge a fee based on the number of years of work experience a client has to make the cv writing services accessible for large groups of people who want to hire a resume writer.

So, I hope this information helps you to make an informed decision about what to look for now that you’re about to hire a resume writer. Below are a few things you can select in case you want to examine our services or wish to book an appointment for a complimentary, 20-minute online consultation (via Zoom).

If you have less than 4 years work experience, your investment will be Eur 235,00 all-in Click this link to order now
If you have between 4 and 8 years work experience, your investment will be Eur 310,00 all-in Click this link to order now
If you have 8 or more years work experience, your investment will be Eur 415,00 all-in Click this link to order now