Entry Level Resume Writing Service Netherlands

Entry Level Resume Writing Service Netherlands

Entry level resume writing service Netherlands (0 to 3 years’ work experience)

Entry level resume : if you are a graduate or if you have less than four years’ professional experience, then this is the right service for you. Your resume or cv will be written based on the information you supply during your initial consultation. Price: 200 Euros.

  • 60-minute Zoom or phone consultation to explore your accomplishments and career goals

  • Benefit from years of recruitment experience

  • First draft of your cv or  resume will be delivered to you within two to three business days after your phone consultation

  • Unlimited email or phone interaction to discuss feedback on the first draft

  • Unlimited revisions to your cv or  resume after receiving your first draft

  • The final version of your  cv or resume will be delivered in three formats (Word, PDF and ASCII) at no extra charge

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