CV Writing FAQ

CV Writing FAQ

CV writing faq – get them answered for you here on this page. In case you are wondering: “What can Quality Resume Services do for me?”, you will find the answers to frequently asked questions below. On a separate page here on our website, you can find tips and answers to your question how to write a curriculum vitae in two ways: you’ll find a short guide about cv writing and an in-depth guide about how to write your curriculum vitae.

What can Quality Resume Services do for me?

Quality Resume Services is dedicated to helping you rebuild your resume or curriculum vitae (CV) to set you up for the next-level job, a new career opportunity, a career change etc. – essentially helping you to keep your career in the fast track. Having a resume or a CV that works and that opens doors is a must in today’s competitive labor market. You need to stand out from the crowd and get noticed among the “cookie cutter” resumes and CVs that most people send out.

You are over there, I’m over here. How can we work together?

Quality Resume Services offers cv writing services on a global scale. NOT just in the Netherlands. For many of our assignments, we use Zoom to communicate live with clients. We can see each other and it’s the next best thing to a physical face-to-face meeting. Best thing is nobody needs to travel so it’s both time and cost-efficient.

Who writes my CV or Curriculum Vitae?

Your CV or resume will be written by Rob van Zoelen. After an in-depth personal consultation over the phone or via Zoom, he will create a first draft of your new CV or resume. Further personal consultation, either by phone, Zoom or email, will follow and Rob will revise the draft of your new CV or resume until the final version is complete.

Do you also write Curricula Vitae?

Yes, Rob also writes your curriculum vitae.

Why should I choose Quality Resume Services?

Rob van Zoelen was a seasoned recruitment professional before starting Quality Resume Services. He has reviewed thousands and thousands of resumes and curricula vitae and interviewed enough people to populate a mid-sized town. He is familiar with your position, so you can immediately take advantage of his expertise to support you in creating a resume or a CV that opens doors for you. Moreover, regardless of the services you select, he always begins with a personal consultation, the first step towards a successful resume or CV.

What languages can you offer?

As a rule, CVs or resumes are written in English. So, all English-speaking customers from anywhere on the planet are welcome. People in the Netherlands can opt for a resume or curriculum vitae in the Dutch language.

Do you have a satisfaction guarantee?

Yes indeed. Your CV or resume will meet industry standards and will be revised until you are fully satisfied.

What is the difference between a resume and a curriculum vitae?

First of all, curriculum vitae is Latin for “course of life”. The plural for curriculum vitae is curricula vitae. The abbreviation for curriculum vitae is CV. The differences between a resume and a CV are length, information included and purpose. Whereas a resume is concise (on average one or two pages) and summarises skills, experience, accomplishments and education, a curriculum vitae is longer (two pages and up) and includes a summary of educational and academic backgrounds and other information such as teaching and research experience, publications, professional licenses and certifications, presentations, awards, honors, affiliations, and other (academic) details. In some parts of the world (EMEA and Asia) employers expect to receive a CV from applicants. In the USA and Canada, a resume will be expected. There, a CV is used mainly when applying for scientific, research, academic or education positions. In addition, a CV is also used when you apply for fellowships or grants. In Europe, most countries expect job applicants to submit their CVs and (in many cases) a cover letter. 

How can I contact you if I have questions?

During business hours (GMT+1) the quickest way to be in touch is to pick up the phone and dial +-31-6-50979475. Alternatively, you can schedule a free appointment for a brief online session. I will contact you if you provide your telephone number or I will give you the address of my Zoom meeting room. Alternatively, send an email with your questions to rob AT

In what format(s) do you deliver my resume?

Your final resume will be delivered to you by email in three formats (at no extra charge). These formats are Word, PDF and ASCII (text only without formatting).

How many revisions of my resume will I get?

About two to three business days after the initial consultation, you will receive an initial draft of your new resume. The number of revisions will depend on your feedback and should be within the framework of instructions that you originally provided during the initial consultation. Your satisfaction with the  CV or resume is important, so, within reason, there will be as many revisions as necessary. We call it fair use policy.

I deleted the email that contains my final resume. Now what?

Send an email to rob AT asking to resend your CV or resume. It’s free. Please note that 1 year after the completion date of your CV or resume, it will be gone. 

How do I pay for your services?

Quality Resume Services accepts PayPal, credit card and iDeal payments. 

I don’t have a credit card, I don’t have a PayPal account

Simply order your resume via email or hit the “send a message” button on this page to submit your order. Indicate that you want to receive an invoice. Upon receipt of the invoice, transfer the required amount to the bank account mentioned on the invoice. After receiving your payment, you will be given access to the scheduler so we can start working on your new resume or curriculum vitae. If you are a resident of the Netherlands and you have a Dutch bank account, you can also pay via iDeal.

Do you accept iDeal payments?

Yes, iDeal payments are perfectly fine.

New Question?

If the answer to your question is not listed here, please be so kind as to submit your question so that it can be answered and added to this list of questions and answers. Thank you.