Curriculum Vitae Writer – Introduction Rob van Zoelen

Curriculum Vitae Writer

Curriculum Vitae Writer – Introduction Rob van Zoelen

Curriculum Vitae Writer Rob van Zoelen

As a curriculum vitae writer with a professional background of more than 25 years’ in the staffing industry, Rob van Zoelen helps people to boost their careers with his personalized, bespoke cv and resume writing services.

Before being a curriculum vitae writer, Rob has actually functioned as a retainer-based recruiter for various companies in several markets – big, small, nationwide, and international. He has efficiently introduced candidates to an abundance of vacancies. As a senior company recruiter for publicly listed companies and multinationals, he has interviewed and selected a wide variety of candidates from all walks of life from “floor-level” to C-suite level. Rob has actually assisted his customers to fill their vacancies. In doing so, Rob has reviewed literally thousands and thousands of resumes and CV’s, and interviewed enough people to populate a mid-sized town. And along the way, Rob trained recruitment specialists, and provided training and job coaching to people seeking jobs. Today, Rob helps- people in rebuilding their resumes and curricula vitae.

Today, you can profit from Rob’s vast experience as a curriculum vitae writer. Get him to produce a cv or a resume that highlights your skills, talents, and achievements to make you stand out from the crowd and enable you to take the next step in your career.

Questions? Contact Rob today by sending an email, by giving him a phone call, or by scheduling a brief online chat session to discover what he as a professional curriculum vitae writer can do for you.