How Much Does Career Coaching Cost

July 7, 2023

how much does career coaching cost

Many managers, executives and other career professionals are aware that career coaching exists.

One of the first questions that comes to mind, when people are thinking about hiring a career coach is, of course, how much does career coaching cost? Other people may have similar questions including:

• How much does it cost to have career coach?
• How much should you pay for coaching?
• Does career coaching really work?
• How much should I invest in a career coach?

These are all good questions. In this post I will provide answers to help you make up your mind and decide if a career coach is for you.

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How much does it cost to have a career coach?

As with so many things in life, your individual requirements, and your needs, are leading in determining how much does it cost to have a career coach. Here are a few points to consider:

  • Services offered by a career coach: do they cover your needs?
  • Experience and expertise: does the career coach work in your league?
  • Time commitment: do you want ongoing support or go by the hour?
  • Budget: decide what you can -and want to- invest in your future
  • ROI: what will you gain, as a result, from the coaching process?

Beware of career coaches that promise iron-clad guarantees like xyz in 10 days or abc after 2 months.

For example, a career coach is not the person that decides about your income, your present or future employer will take care of that.

That said, hiring a career coach can be an excellent decision because it can help to, for example, get unstuck in your career or speed up your career development with the right guidance.

In the next paragraph, I’ll share some figures with you about how much it does cost to have a career coach.

How much should I invest in a career coach?

Well, as you now know, It depends on what you need from a career coach and it depends on what a career coach can offer.

It also depends on the career coach offering, does he or she work by the hour (so you can buy a package of hours) or does the career coach offer a program that supports you in your career journey from A to B.

There are career coaches that will charge $50 per hour, others will charge $300 per hour and top-line career coaches could cost you $500 per hour or more.

Next up are the career coaches that offer a coaching program or a coaching package. Here, you can expect to pay an average of $500 to $2,500 for a career coaching package.

There are coaches that will charge more, up to $4,000, $10,000 and even $20,000 but they are the exceptions.

Another way to decide the answer to this question of how much should I invest in a career coach is this: Calculate how much 2% and 3% of your annual income is. That gives you a range of how much you could invest in a career coach.

How much should you pay for coaching

how much should you pay for coaching

So, to summarize, the answer to the question of how much should you pay for coaching depends on a few important considerations:

  • The investment you are willing to make in your career
  • The reason/reasons you want to hire a career coach
  • The area/areas where you need guidance/support most
  • The expertise and skills that a career coach can offer to match your needs
  • The timeframe that is on your mind

Tip: of course, many career coaches out there offer the option to schedule a free appointment, a complimentary session, or a career strategy call.

By all means, take one or more career coaches that you selected, up on their offer and schedule that call! It will help you to decide on the right career coach for you, and assess if you and one of the career coaches really connect.

Ultimately, there is no fixed amount that is suitable for everyone. My recommendation is that you do your homework, research and compare the rates of different career coaches, read reviews/testimonials, and keep in mind the considerations mentioned above.

It is essential that you find a career coach who aligns with your goals and offers the support and expertise that you need within your budget.

Does career coaching really work?

does career coaching really work

Great question! The answer is Yes, career coaching can be highly effective in helping executives and other career professionals achieve their professional goals.

A skilled career coach provides guidance, support, and expertise to help people navigate their career paths more effectively.

A career coach can assist with clarifying career goals, identifying strengths and weaknesses, developing action plans, improving job search strategies, enhancing interview skills, and providing ongoing motivation and accountability.

Career coaching works by providing a structured and personalized approach to career development.

It can help you gain self-awareness, explore different career options, and make informed decisions about your professional life.

Coaches offer valuable insights, advice, and resources based on their knowledge and experience in the job market.

However, the effectiveness of career coaching also depends on a person’s willingness to actively engage in the process, set goals, and follow through on the career coach’s recommendations.

Success in career coaching ultimately relies on a collaborative effort between the career coach and the client.

Overall, career coaching has proven to be beneficial for many people seeking career advancement, career transitions, or overall professional growth.

It can provide you with valuable support and guidance, helping you to make informed decisions, overcome obstacles, and achieve your career aspirations.

So, does career coaching really work? Yes, it does.

Benefits of career coaching

benefits of career coaching

Many people have experienced that working with a career coach can significantly contribute to reaching your career goals.
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Your career can benefit from this strategy. There are several benefits of career coaching. It is a good idea to leverage the expertise and experience a career coach has.

It’s smart to learn about the career coaching benefits as they’re like shortcuts and secret doors to career success from people who have the knowledge, expertise, and experience.

Why would you spend weeks trying to find the solution that the benefit of a Career Coach can give you?

Should I get a career coach, you wonder?

Well, the world in not going to pieces if you don’t. The majority of people out there who want/need a career change or who want to progress in their careers get there without a career coach.

But…not paying for something is also a price. A price not in money but in time and, sometimes, frustration or impatience.

Many people get lost in trying to navigate literally millions of pages of information searching Google.

If you don’t want to go there, save time and not lose your temper, do consider engaging a career coach. Consider the benefits of career coaching:

  • Giving you an understanding of yourself from a career and work perspective.
  • Helping identify the right role and employer profile that you will thrive in.
  • Helping you become clear and focused about what is next in your career.
  • Providing an external perspective on you and your career situation.
  • Accountability to stay on track working towards your career goals.
  • Input on long-term career planning.
  • Honest feedback and a different (outside) perspective.
  • Systems and processes to support your career development.

What is the outcome of career coaching, what is the ROI (Return On Investment) in a career coach?

A career coach is not going to hand you a new job. A career coach is not going to wave a magic wand and make (all of) your problems in life and or career go away.

And because no two people are the same, the outcome, and results of career coaching will be different for everybody.

Overall, typical outcomes of successful career coaching can include one or more of the following:

  • Moving into a desired new role quickly and more effectively
  • A higher salary package, which may not even have been a priority
  • The decision to finally start your own business
  • Achieving further career development within your current company
  • Reduced stress and improved home life


how much should I invest in a career coach

In this post, we have now highlighted aspects of executive career coaching. Answered questions like how much does it cost to have a career coach, how much should I pay for career coaching, does career coaching really work and how much should I invest in a career coach.

Of course, much more can be said and written about career coaching.
When your read this, you probably read the full post. Well done!

Now, the ball is in your court. If you are serious about getting a career coach, take the next step.

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