job hunting

Take your job hunt off the highway and explore the scenic secondary roads

January 11, 2023


Frequently, my clients share their “complaints” with me about jobhunting on LinkedIn, Indeed, and other job sites. Yes, applying for jobs has become a numbers game. Yes, human interaction is less than it used to be. True, the application of search filters to limit the number of jobs returned doesn’t deliver accurate search results. So, what other options are there to go job hunting if you don’t want to follow the beaten track? Here are some ideas for you: first and foremost, #1 your network: don’t underestimate the power of your network, people in your network can refer you to people you don’t yet know, and they can sometimes give you tips on upcoming vacancies and so on. Second, #2 online groups and communities in your area of expertise, your industry. Join relevant groups on LinkedIn and search for relevant online communities, you’d be surprised how many job announcements and applicants get connected in groups and communities. (for example, Slack,,

Next up are the so-called #3 curated databases, these are “mini-LinkedIns” but far more specialized and way smaller and can resemble online communities. A few examples are,, for startup jobs,, and for women in tech jobs, Another alternative route to finding a job is joining #4 specialized newsletters in your industry and/or expertise or, in other words, job-related newsletters that offer curated content. Examples are,, and to name a few. Then there are specialized or #5 industry-specific job boards that you can browse. Last but not least: you may or may not have a #6 list of companies/organizations that interest you. Collect an overview of the career pages for each of the companies on your list and schedule times in your calendar to review the job offers on these pages. Happy job hunting!