About The Length Of Your CV Or Résumé

March 22, 2019

Although there doesn’t seem to be a general opinion about the length of your resume or CV, my advice is to keep it as short as possible….if you can, that is. (an exception to this rule is, for instance in the USA, when a full-length CV is called for two, or three pages tops should do it). It seems that the recruitment industry in the USA and the recruitment industry in Europe are gravitating towards a common opinion. In Europe, many CVs are 2 pages in length. That’s fine, but please know that a CV that has 4 or 4 pages is equally fine when you need that space to showcase what you have to offer. In the USA, nowadays 2-page résumés are acceptable. There is no need to provide detailed information about jobs you held a long time ago. Be brief about them. And scrutinize your resume or CV for information that can perhaps be removed. It will improve readability.