How Is Your Job Interview Behavior?

February 27, 2014

Do you ace your job interviews? Do you know what to do and what not to do during job interviews? A survey conducted by Harris Interactive in November/December 2013 among more than 2,000 hiring managers and HR professionals reveals common mistakes applicants make during job interviews and hilarious mistakes as well. So, keeping in mind that nearly 50% of employers will make their final decisions about you within 5 minutes after the interview started, here are a few lists and stats for you:

According to employers, the most common mistakes candidates make in interviews are:

  • Appearing disinterested (55%)
  • Dressing inappropriately (53%)
  • Appearing arrogant (53%)
  • Talking negatively about current or previous employers (50%)
  • Answering a cellphone or texting during the interview (49%)
  • Appearing uninformed about the company or role (39%)
  • Not providing specific examples (33&)
  • Not asking good questions (32%)
  • Providing too much personal information (20%)
  • Asking the hiring manager personal questions (17%)

Do not underestimate the importance of body language during job interviews. Communication is more than words, here is what annoys employers:

  • Failure to make eye contact (70%)
  • Failure to smile (44%)
  • Bad posture (35%)
  • Fidgeting too much in one’s seat (35%)
  • Playing with something on the table (29%)
  • Handshake that is too weak (27%)
  • Crossing one’s arms over one’s chest (24%)
  • Playing with one’s hair or touching one’s face (24%)
  • Using too many hand gestures (10%)
  • Handshake that is too strong (5%)

Now, to put a smile on your face, here are some sure ways to goof up your job interview. Remember, these are real life examples that were provided by employers during the Harris survey:

  • Applicant answered a phone call for an interview with a competitor
  • Applicant showed up in a jogging suit because he was going running after the interview
  • Applicant asked for a hug
  • Applicant informed interviewer that she “took too much valium” and didn’t think the interview was indicative of her personality
  • Applicant checked Facebook during the interview
  • Applicant popped out his teeths when discussing dental benefits
  • Applicant kept her iPod headphones on during the interview
  • Applicant said that he questioned his daugther’s paternity
  • Applicant asked for name and phone number of the receptionist because he really liked her