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Resume writing services – that is the core business of Quality Resume Services. You want a (new) job, the next step in your career or a career change? Good! Please continue reading to learn more about how you can realize that.

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Quality Resume Services helps clients to get the (next) job they want. How? By offering resume writing services and cv writing services and by helping people by revising and rewriting their Linkedin profiles, resumés and curricula vitae to enhance career progression. Both for job seekers and for business owners anywhere in the world. A free initial consultation is directly available on this website. Offload your worries and get Rob van Zoelen to help you reach your career goals. In 2021, our clients landed a job after, on average, 2 months and 24 days
(in 2021, after 2 months and 25 days on average)

I, Rob van Zoelen, offer highly customized resumé writing services and Linkedin profile makeovers based on a thorough personal evaluation (via phone or Zoom), powered by extensive recruitment experience. Clients can request their CVs, Linkedin profiles, and resumés in either Dutch or English. Appointments can be scheduled directly with an online scheduler. Quality Resume Services aims to serve English- and Dutch-speaking clients from all over the world. Why not schedule an appointment (Zoom or phone)  for a free consultation so we can talk about our resume writing services: 

Resume writing services offered

Here’s a brief overview of our resume writing services:

  • For expats relocating to or living in the Netherlands: Linkedin profile makeovers and new CVs

  • For business owners: Linkedin profile makeovers to get you noticed and support lead generation

  • For job seekers: New CV’s, resumés, and Linkedin profile makeovers.

Why not schedule an appointment (Zoom or phone) for a free consultation so we can talk: Click here to schedule a free appointment

What are the benefits?

Quality Resume Services offers bespoke and personal services for people who understand the value and power of a quality resumé, Linkedin profile or CV. It makes you money! Benefits for you include:

  • A personal, in-depth consultation via telephone or Zoom tailored to your unique professional background and goals

  • Support to enhance your professional image 

  • Access to extensive recruitment experience 

  • Free revisions of your resumé, Linkedin profile or CV until you are satisfied

  • A service that facilitates and simplifies career changes (and for business owners: getting noticed and generate leads)

Why should I order a professional resumé, Linkedin profile or CV?

There are many reasons why people desire a professional document. Here are some examples:

  • I want a better position and a better life for myself and my loved ones

  • I don’t have the time to write my resumé/CV/Linkedin profile

  • I really don’t like writing my own resumé/Linkedin profile/CV 

  • It’s time for a career change and my CV/resumé/Linkedin profile needs a makeover

  • I haven’t written a CV/resumé in a long time and need a professional to assist me in improving my resume presentation

  • I want my Linkedin profile/CV/resume to get noticed, stand out from the crowd and generate business

How does it work?

These are the steps that will get you started:

  • Select and purchase the service you need via one of the links below

  • Schedule your appointment for the initial consultation. After confirmation, you will be contacted on the date and time you scheduled.

To review the complete cv writing process and find out how it works click here
If you are ready to order now, please click on the appropriate link below:
If you have less than 4 years work experience, your investment will be Eur 225,00 all-in Click this link to order now
If you have between 4 and 8 years work experience, your investment will be Eur 295,00 all-in Click this link to order now
If you have 8 or more years work experience, your investment will be Eur 395,00 all-in Click this link to order now

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